About Zentrified Lawyer Mom

Why the name Zentrified Lawyer Mom? Well, I’m always on a quest toward self-improvement. Reading, traveling, trying new things, opening my mind to new ideas, connecting with others, in the hope of becoming a better, more enlightened person. Am I a Buddhist or a person who practices the real “Zen?” No! I’m a lawyer and a mom trying to get my finances in order, trying to get my kid fed and out the door so I can get to work on time (while still enjoying her childhood before it slips away!) I’m a regular suburban gal, trying to make the most of my journey while keeping it all together in today’s world. The generic definition of “gentrify” is to make someone or their way of life more refined or dignified. So, I’m using all the concepts I love about Zen – inner peace, unconditional love, meaningful connection with others, calming the chaos (to name a few), so that I might make myself more refined and dignified. Zentrified! Along the way, I’m sharing what I learn with you. Thanks for stopping by!